Would you wanted a Divided Assam?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

National News about Assam

There was a small media research done by a bright journalism student in Mumbai. The research was to study portrayal of Assam in the national media. It was clearly observed that 99% of the news items about Assam released or published in national media were negative.

It is no wonder that when I first came to Mumbai, people asked me if I eat dogs. The most common question was 'Is it safe?'.

It is not a surprise because all the news that reached the Indian population till date had spoken about terrorism, bomb blasts and kidnapping of non-Assamese citizens working in Government and private companies.

Today, we are giving the national news business a fun time by fighting among ourselves. The emotion behind asking for separate states, has no meaning to the rest of India. It is just an irritation for the police, bureaucracy and the political system of India. We are letting ourselves to be discussed in a bad light, with no long term benefit to Assam and the larger Assamese life.

Read the negative national news that were read in wide scale...

Four statehood demands lead to large-scale violence in Assam.
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Assam: Violence for separate Karbi Anglong continues, curfew reimposed
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If you search 'Assam' in the world's largest search engine, the following page is shown. We have to ask ourselves if Assam deserves such kind of media prominence.

The point of the argument is simple. We need not wash our dirty linen in public. We have to discuss our problems between brothers and sisters and arrive at some conclusions. Either we decide to separately stay like amicable neighbors or decide to demand the needs that are not met strongly staying in the same family.

There are enough and more ways to democratically and diplomatically discuss opinions and take public opinions on matters that are significant to the different communities staying in Assam.

In the current political context, there are provisions for reservation, the sixth schedule, 'Cultural and Educational Rights' as one of the Fundamental Right documented in the Indian constitution. There would be many more such provisions which can solve internal civil disputes.

The demand for a separate state is an extreme step that breaks the very back-bone of the state of Assam. It has long term ramifications in terms of economy, society, culture, education and brotherhood that are beyond the comprehension of our limited minds, and of the people coming to the streets demanding separate states.

We have to grow, develop and prosper as one entity. We have to fight together with all the external forces that comes in the way of development and welfare of the people.

Joi Ai Axom.

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